An unfortunate coincidence

27 June 1914. Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Visitor General, Rev. Father Hubert Linckens, arrives in Sydney to address alleged disciplinary problems within the order in Australia. He is based at the MSC Monastery at Kensington, NSW. Archduke Franz Ferdinand (pictured) is assassinated in Sarajevo the following day, triggering the start of the Great War. These two seemingly-unrelated events are to have major implications for Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor co-founders, Rev. Edward (Ted) McGrath msc and Eileen O’Connor. Stranded in Australia for the duration of the war, Father Linckens focuses his attention on Father McGrath’s involvement with Eileen and Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor. By October, the Dutch-German priest orders Father McGrath to cease his involvement with the community at Our Lady’s Home under threat of expulsion from his order.