Eileen’s thoughts on service

Eileen’s thoughts on service

“As you pass fill all hearts with love of Him.”


“Help all. Think only of how little you c

“As you pass fill all hearts with love of Him.”


“Help all. Think only of how little you can do. Do everything out of love and so make little and big things worthy of a child of Our Lord and Our Lady.”


“Our Lord Himself, asked help of His mother, out of an all loving heart. She gave Her all, Her best. Do not fail to help all, and do not doubt, that all need help, and that, with Our Lady, you can be a help to God, Our Lord, in saving of souls.”


“In all we do for Our Lord, let our love come first – love and purity.”


“Be good, but do remember you are to work for the poor. Love Our Lady and me a little but in Her name. Ask Her to be pleased with you. Don’t try to be pleasing to yourselves.”


“Seek Him, ask Him to help you, and to make your work good, better, best, in big as well as in little things.”


“Love God, fix your thoughts on Him. In all you do think of what you are doing, be sure that it is pleasing to Him, that it is right, and that it will help or gain help for others.”


“God is love, and when He is in your hearts let all find Him there. Use the power of loving to bring happiness to all.”


“Tell Our Lady that you want to seek Our Lord amongst His Poor, and ask Her to be with you in your work.”


“To be truly kind, one must understand the best and sweetest way to act in helping others to understand anyone, themselves or their needs. We must love them.”


“Tell Our Lady you want to help people to love Her, by knowing Her, and ever seeing Her in you, and in all you do.”


From Eileen O’Connor, Thoughts for Every Day.


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